Sunday, December 9, 2012

The List of Posted Words

Abderian - (Ab•DER•ian)
     - Given to incessant or idiotic laughter; inclined to foolish or incessant merriment.

Abishag - (AB•ee•shag)
    - The son of a married man's mistress

Abligurition - (ah•BLIG•yew•RI•shun)

Abnormous - (ab•NORM•us)
     -Something which is misshapen.

Absquatulate - (ab•SKWAT•chew•late)

Accipitrine - (ak•SIP•e•TREEN)
     -Having a nose like the beak of a hawk.

Acrocephalic - (AK•row•sef•ALIK)

Acrostic - (ak•ROSS•tik)

Adiabolist - (ad•ee•OB•olist)
     -A person who denies the existence of the devil.

Aeolist - (EE•uh•list)
     -A pompous and windy bore who believes he is a paragon of inspiration & talent.

Agelast - (AG•uh•last)
     -Someone who never laughs.

Aglet - (ag•let)

Agonous - (AG•uh•ness)

Aibohphobia - (AY•boe•FOW•bee•ya)

Ailurophobia - (eye•LURE•ah•FOE•bee•ya)
     -The fear of cats.

Allotheism - (ALLOW•thee•izim)

Ambulonecrophobia - (AM•bew•luh•NEK•rowFOW•bee•ya)
     -The Fear of the Walking Dead.

Ambulophobia - (AM•bew•luh•FOW•bee•ya)
     -The Fear of Walking.

Anchorite - (ANK•or•ite)

Ancipital - (an•SIP•ital)
     -Something which is double edged, such as a sword or a blade of grass. Also: Something which is two headed.

Antediluvian - (an•tee•del•OOV•ee•an)
     -Prehistoric. Referencing back to a time before the mythological "great flood".

Anxiolytic - (ang•zee•oh•LIT•ik)
     -A drug that relieves anxiety

Aphallatosis - (ah•fallow•TOES•iss)

Apiophobia - (AP•pee•oh•FOE•bee•ya)
     -The fear of bees.

Apodyopsis - (ah•pod•ee•OP•sis)

Aquabob - (AWK•wa•bob)

Austromancy - (AWS•strow•man•see)

Babery - (BABE•ree)

Baldric - (ball•drik)
     -A sash or belt worn in such a way as to hold or carry a sword.

Bascule - (BAS•kyule)
     -A device or structure, such as a drawbridge, counterbalanced so that when one end is lowered the other is raised. 
     -Also: The natural round arc a horse's body takes as it goes over a jump.

Bathycolpian - (bath•ee•KOL•pee•an)
     -An adjective used to describe someone who has a rather ample bosom with deep cleavage.

Bellicose - (BELLY•kose)
     -Another word you can use to describe someone who's a real pain in the derriere! This kind of person is rude, loud, obnoxious and may have a tendency towards violence, so watch out!

Berlin - (bur•LIN)

Blanchard's Balloon - (blan•CHARDS ball•OON)

Blatherskite - (BLATH•er•skite)
      -A person who talks and talks, without really saying all that much. Someone who talks too much. It is "difficult to get a word in edgewise" with this kind of person.
A person who is excessively verbose.
In some cases, it may be said that the person suffers from logorrhea...

Blatteroon - (blat•er•OON)

Buccula - (BUK•yew•la)
     -A double chin

Bumbledom - (BUM•bull•dumb)
     -The actions and mannerisms of pompous but inefficient government officials.

Cabotin - (kab•oh•TEEN)
     -In this instance, it means a quack doctor, the variety of which depicted in the "Old West" movies traveling about in a caravan selling snake oil and the like.

Cacodemonomania - (KAK•oh•dee•MON•oh•mania)
     -A condition wherein a person believes that they are possessed by a devil or demon.

Callipygian - (Kal•ee•PIDG•ee•on)
     -An adjective used to describe someone with a highly desirable rump, backside, derriere, booty etc...

Carker - (KAR•ker)
      -A sneaky little child who is looking for some kind of mischievousness to get into.

Chapeau - (shah•POH)
     -A hat.

Charlière Balloon - (shar•LEE•AY ball•OON)
     -The Charlière Balloon used not hot air (like the Montgolfier), but rather Hydrogen. The potential for disaster was high indeed, as history later demonstrated.

Chimera - (kie•MEYR•uh)
     -A fire-breathing she-monster in Greek mythology having a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail.
     -An imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts.
     -An illusion or fabrication of the mind; especially : an unrealizable dream.
     -An individual, organ, or part consisting of tissues of diverse genetic constitution.

Chirotonsor - (KYE•row•ton•sor)
     -A barber. One who cuts hair.

Churlish - (CHUR•lish)
     -Acting rude, vulgar or boorish.

Cornigerous - (kore•NIDGE•er•us)
     -Having horns or horn-like projections. Corniculate.

Coulrophobia - (KOLE•row•FOE•bee•ya)

Dandy - (DAN•dee)

Danse Macabre - (dance mak•OB•ra)
     -The dance of the dead. A medieval dance in which a skeleton representing death leads a procession of others to the grave.

Dendrophilia - (dend•row•FEEL•ee•yuh)
     -The love, adoration, or in some cases, sexual attraction to trees.

Dragoon - (dra•GOON)
     -To torture someone to get them to do what you want them to do. To harass or reduce to subjection by dragoons; to persecute by abandoning a place to the rage of soldiers. To compel submission by violent measures; to harass; to persecute.

Drintling - (DRINT•ling)
      -The sound that turkeys make.

Dwizzen - (DWIZ•en)
     -To shrink & dry up. To have a wrinkled or parched appearance such as dried fruit or something which has been mummified.

Eccedentesiast - (ex•cen•dent•TEE•shee•ist)

Ecdysiast - (ek•DEEZ•ee•ast)
     -A stripper. A burlesque performer. Someone who takes off their clothes for money.

Echinate - (Eh•ki•nate)
     -Bearing or covered with spines or bristles; prickly, like a hedgehog, Porcupine or cactus.

Effulgent - (ee•FULL•jent)
     -Shining brightly. Something which illuminates.

El Caganer - (el KAG•uh•nay)
      -A strange scatological Christmas tradition from Catalonia, Spain involving a man (sometime it's a little elf) taking a dump off to one side of the Nativity scene.

En Arrière - (on air•EER)
     -Basically, it's a fancy French expression (in the event that you want to sound quite the posh snob) that means "backwards". It is used in heraldry to mean any animal that is presented with it's back facing the viewer.

Eroteme - (EE•row•teem)

Equipage - (Ay•kew•pazh)
      -A horse-drawn carriage with its servants; also : such a carriage alone

Expostulate - (ex•POSS•tew•late)
     -To express strong disapproval or disagreement.
To reason earnestly with a person for purposes of dissuasion or remonstrance.

Eyrie - (EAR•ree)
      -The lofty nest of a bird of prey such as an eagle.

Farouche - (fah•ROOSH)
     -Sullen, shy, introverted. Also, a wild or cranky temperament.

Fisticuffs - (FIST•ee•cuffs)
      -Bare knuckle boxing. Fighting or brawling.
To strike someone percussively about the head, face and torso.

Flamfoo - (flam•FOO)
     -A woman who wears gaudy clothes & thinks she is fashionable.

Flaneur - (flan•OOR)
     -A "stroller", "lounger", "saunterer" or "loafer". Someone who casually walks around with no destination in mind.

Flummery - (FLUM•er•ee)
      -A sweet dessert dish made from flour, eggs, milk etc. similar to porridge.
Also, an insincere compliment.

Fulsome - (FUL•sum)
      -Complimentary or flattering to an excessive or even offensive degree.
Of large size or quantity; generous or abundant.

Funicular - (fun•IK•yew•ler)
      -Something that is operated by a rope, cable, chain, string etc. An example would be Venetian blinds or an inclined plane or cliff railway.

Furphy - (FUR•fee)

Gaberlunzie - (GAB•er•lun•zee)
     -A harmless hobo or wandering beggar.

Gadzooks - (gad•ZOOKS)
      -An exclamation used to express surprise, fear, joy, wonder etc. It is a euphemistic shortening of "God's Hooks" (the nails on the cross).
      This a great example of what is called a minced oath. A minced oath is a sub-genre of euphemisms used to avoid swearing.

Gaff - (gaf)
     -A gimmick or a trick that is employed in carnival or circus settings to draw in the attention of the patrons.

Gobemouche - (gob•be•MOOSH)
     -A mouth breather, a boorish person.

Gothamite - (GOTH•am•ite)

Hadeharia - (HAYD•eh•HARE•iya)
     -Constant overuse of the word "Hell" in one's speech.

Halitosis - (hal•i•TOES•iss)
     -Bad breath. More than just bad breath, rotten breath, horrible breath... the kind of breath that people can smell even if you keep your mouth closed. 

Hobgoblin - (HOB•gob•lin)
     -A sneaky little imp closely related to the Brownies. Known to be a mischievous little meddler in the affairs of humans.

Hurple - (HER•pull)
     -The action of trying to get warm, when it's very cold outside. Usually by hiking your shoulders up, lowering your head down and bringing the collar of your coat up as close to your ears as possible.

Hylden - (HILL•den)
     -A term of contempt; a great foul, hulking, filthy creature such as a butcher or hang man.

Illecebrous - (ill•ESS•ib•russ)
      -Alluring, attractive or enticing.

Interfenestration - (IN•ter•fen•is•TRAY•shun)
     -The spaces between windows. Also, the art of placing windows.

Investiture - (in•VEST•it•chyur)
      -The action of formally investing a person with honors or rank.
      -A ceremony at which honors or rank are formally conferred on a particular person.

Irascible - (eer•ASS•i•bull)
     -Short tempered, moody, cranky or grouchy.

Jackanapes - (JAK•a•napes)

Jaculable - (JAK•yew•label)
     -Something that is suitable for throwing or tossing, such as a rock or grenade.

Jaculate - (JAK•yew•late)

Jeeter - (JEE•ter)
     -Slang term synonymous with red-neck.

Kakistocracy - (kak•ih•STOK•ra•see)
     -A government in which the worst people (tyrants, bigots, hate-mongers) are in power.

Kathenotheism - (ka•THEEN•oh•THEE•isim)
     -The belief that there are multiple gods with one single leader over all others.

Kinnikinnik - (k'NIK•ih•nik)
     -The Algonquin word meaning "Smoking Mixture" made from dry leaves, bark & tobacco and used in smoking pipes.

Krukolibidinous - (KRUK•oh•li•BID•inus)
     -The obsessive staring at another person's crotch for sexual stimulation or gratification.

Kyphorrhinos - (kye•FORE•inn•us)
     -Having a bump in one's nose.

Kyphosis - (kie•FOSE•is)

Lambaste - (LAM•bast)
     -To beat or whip severely. To reprimand or berate harshly; censure; excoriate. To criticize (someone or something) harshly.

Lavacultophilia - (LAV•uh•KULT•oh•feel•eeya)
     -The compulsion to stare at someone in a bathing suit.

Lethiferous - (leth•IFF•erus)

Lycanthrope - (LIKE•an•throwp)
     -A shape-shifter who can take on the appearance and or other characteristics of a wolf. A Werewolf

Macaroni - (mack•uh•RON•ee)

Macrophilia - (MAK•row•FEEL•ee•ya)
      -A paraphilia involving sexual attraction to people of a significantly larger stature that oneself. Fantasizing about giants.

Malapert - (MALA•pert)
     -Impudently bold in speech or manner; saucy. An impudent, saucy person. Boldly disrespectful to a person of higher standing. This word is gender neutral, so it's equally applicable to both male and female.
      ALSO: Malapert is a lunar crater that lies near the southern limb of the Moon. From the Earth this formation is viewed from the side, limiting the amount of detail that can be seen. The crater is also illuminated at very low angles, so that parts of the interior remain in almost constant darkness. ...

Malophile - (MAL•oh•file)
     -A lover of apples

Methinks - (me•THINKS)
      -A fancy-pants way of saying "I think" or "perhaps"

Mollynogging - (MOL•ee•nog•ing)
      -Frequenting the company of loose or immoral women

Mondegreen - (MON•de•green)
      -A word or phrase that results from a mishearing of something said or sung.

Montgolfier's Balloon - (mon•GOLF•ee•ays bal•OON)

Moribund - (MOR•ib•und)
     -The state of being near death. Being on one's deathbed.

Mulier - (MOO•lee•air)
     -A woman, a married woman, any woman in the company of a man. 

Murlimews - (MER•lee•mews)
      -The blessings and crossings that priests make with the holy water.

Nabber - (NAB•er)
      -An old British slang term for Policeman

Nasicornous - (nayz•ee•KORN•us)
     -Having a horn on one's nose like a rhinoceros.

Nazzle - (NAZ•el)
      -To engage in the smoking of cannabis, or to "get high" in general.

Necrophobia - (NEK•row•FOW•bee•ya)
     -The fear of anything that is dead, especially human corpses

Necropolis - (ne•KROP•oh•lis)
     -A city of the dead. A cemetery.

Nidulation - (nid•yew•LAY•shun)
     -Building of a nest. Or the time remaining for a baby bird to stay in the nest.

Nizzertit - (NIZZ•er•tit) 
     -Someone whose growth has been stunted.

Nouveau pauvre - (new•VOH POVE*ruh*)
     -Someone who was until recently very wealthy, but who is now quite poor.

Nucivorous - (new•SIV•eruhs)
     -Describes a creature that engages in nucivory, the eating of nuts. Something that eats mostly or exclusively nuts.

Obloquy - (OB•lok•kwee)
     -Strong public criticism or verbal abuse. Disgrace, especially that brought about by public abuse.

Ogerhunch - (OH•ger•hunch)
     -Any frightful or loathsome creature, (especially a bat).

Oligarchy - (OHL•ig•ark•ee)
     -A form of government in which all of the power is vested in a dominant class. Government by the wealthiest few.

Omoplatoscopy - (omo•PAL•at•os•kop•ee)
     -Foretelling the future by examining a scapula that has been cast into a fire.

Ostentiferous - (aus•tin•TIFF•er•uss)
      -Bringing monsters or strange sights...

Overt - (oh•VERT)
      -In heraldry, overt describes the wings of a bird or dragon etc. when spread open on either side of the head, as if taking flight.

Pandiculate - (pan•DIK•yew•late)
     -To stretch the limbs and torso while taking a deep breath. Often accompanied by yawning. This is usually done when first waking up, or when trying to gather enough energy to NOT fall asleep.

Paranymph - (PARA•nimf)
     -Someone who advocates on the behalf of someone else in matters of love.

Phanakistoscope - (FAN•ih•KISS•ta•skope)

Phasmophobia - (FAZ•muh•FOE•bee•ya)
      -The fear of ghosts

Plousiocracy - (plow•see•OK•ra•see)
     -A government in which the wealthiest class rules over all. Also called a Plutocracy.

Pogonotrophy - (POH•go•NOT•rah•fee)
      -The act of cultivating, or growing and grooming, a mustache, beard, sideburns or other facial hair.

Popinjay - (POP•in•jay)
     -A vain or conceited person, especially one who dresses or behaves extravagantly.
      Also: a parrot.

Poulaine - (poo•LANE)

Pyrophilia - (PIE•roe•FEEL•ee•ya)
     -Finding arousal or stimulation from fire or related activities.

Quockerwodger - (KWOK•er•wodj•er)
     -A wooden toy whereby a string is pulled, and the toy dances about. Also used to describe a politician who is being controlled by special interest groups, lobbyists, corporations etc...

Quondam - (KWON•dom) or (KWON•dam)
     -Something that once was. Former. Sometime.

Ramp or Romp - (Ramp - Romp)

Rapscallion - (rap•SKAL•eeon)
     -A disreputable person. A scoundrel or rascal.

Recumbentibus - (rek•um•BENT•ibus)
      -A knock-out blow, either physical or verbal.

Roinish - (ROYN•ish)
     -A troublesome or despicable person.

Sapphic - (SAFF•ik)

Sarcophagus - (sar•KOF•uh•guss)
     -A stone coffin, typically adorned with a sculpture or inscription and associated with the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

Schadenfreude - (SHA•den•froyd•eh)
      -Taking pleasure in another person's misfortunes.

Scurryfunge - (SCURRY•funge)
     -A hasty tidying of the house between the time you see a neighbor and the time she knocks on the door.

Selenophobia - (se•LEEN•oh•FOE•bee•ya)

Skeuomorph - (SKEEW•oh•morf)

Skybosh - (SKY•bosh)

Slubberdegullion - (SLUB•er•de•GULL•eeon)
     -A filthy, slobbering, untidy person. A person with contemptible hygiene practices.

Spectrophilia - (SPEK•trow•FEELY•ya)
     -Sexual attraction to ghosts, or a sexual encounter between ghosts and humans. Also, the arousal from images in mirrors.

Speculum - (SPEK•yew•lum)
     -A mirror or a looking-glass. (archaic)

Strumpet - (STRUMP•it)
     -A woman who is tawdry or sexually promiscuous. A mistress. "The Other Woman". A prostitute.

Succubus - (SUCK•yew•bus)
     -A female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.

Surtout - (sur•TOOT)
     -A French word that basically means overcoat. It literally means "over all".

Talaria - (ta•LAYR•ee•ya)
     -The small wings affixed to the ankles of Mercury.

Taximeter Cabriolet - (taks•IM•eter cab•ree•oh•LAY)

Teratophobia - (ter•AT•oh•fob•ia)

Thwite - (th•WHITE)

Troglodyte - (TROG•lode•ITE)
     -A cave dweller. A simple minded brutish person. A person who remains secluded and unaware of the happenings of the world at large.

Tsymbaly - (SIM•bal•ee)
      -The tsymbaly is the Ukrainian version of the hammer dulcimer. It is a chordophone made up of a box with metal strings strung across it and played by striking two beaters against the strings.

Urimancy - (YUR•uh•man•see)
     -Fortune telling by the examination of the characteristics of one's urine.

Veneniferous - (Ven•en•IFF•er•us)
     -A word used to describe a venenifer, i.e. something that secrets or transmits poison through a sting or a bite.

Verisimilitude - (ver•ISS•uh•MILL•ih•tude)

Vituperate - (vee•TYEW•per•ayt) or (vi•TOO•per•ayt)
      -Blame or insult someone in strong or violent language.
To revile, abuse, scold, inveigh, lambaste or curse someone.

Volacious - (voh•LAY•shus)
     -Something which has the ability to fly.

Wheedling - (WEED•ling)
     -To try and flatter someone so that you will get something that you want.

Wiccaphobia - (WIK•uh•FOE•bee•ya)
      -Fear of witches

Winx - (Winks)
     -To bray like a donkey. Also, to speak utter foolishness.

Xylomancy - (ZYE•low•man•see)
     -To use a piece of wood to foretell the future, or work magic. To use a magic wand.

Yataghan - (YAT•ag•an)

Yaud - (Yowd)
     -An old or worn out horse.

Zills - (Zilz)
     -The small cymbals worn on the fingers of belly dancers (and other folk dancers).

Zounds - (ZOWNDS) or (ZOONDS)
      -Like gadzooks, zounds is also an exclamation used to express surprise, fear, joy, wonder etc. It is a euphemistic shortening of "God's Wounds".